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2022 GS Travel & Logistics, LLC v Wrecker Services, Inc., et. al.
21 L 9461
Judgment was entered in favor of the Plaintiff against the Defendants on June 3, 2022, in the amount of $150,426.26, plus attorney fees and costs. The lawsuit alleged conversion, fraud, and breach of contract against the Defendants.

2022 Personal Injury Case – Kane County
Plaintiff was injured when she tripped and fell due to a defect in the sidewalk. Plaintiff’s claim was settled for $200,000.00 which covered her medical bills and her pain and suffering.

2021 Personal Injury Case – Lake County
Two minor child Plaintiffs were injured by daycare workers. The claims were settled for a combined amount of $70,000.00.

2018 Personal Injury Case – Cook County
Plaintiff was assaulted and battered, suffered personal injuries in the attack. The defendant paid $11,000.00, covering the client’s medical bills as well as compensation for his pain and suffering.

2017 Personal Injury Case – Will County
Husband and wife injured in an automobile accident with a semi-truck. Combined settlement in the amount of $70,000.00 paid by the defendant.

2017 Property Damage Automobile Case – Cook County
Plaintiff’s tow truck suffered serious damage in an automobile accident. The case was settled for $30,000.00, covering damage to the client’s vehicle and lost wages.

2017 Personal Injury Case – Cook County
Two minor children struck by motor vehicle while in a crosswalk. The case was settled without having to file a lawsuit for $12,500.00

2017 Personal Injury Case – Lake County
Plaintiff was injured in an automobile accident. The case was settled without having to file a lawsuit for $25,114.00

2016 Personal Injury – Lake County
Plaintiff was injured in an automobile accident. Defendant agreed to settle the case for $22,500.00 as compensation for Plaintiff’s injuries, and pain and suffering.

March 2016

Wrongful Termination Verdict: $742,360.00 plus attorneys’ fees and costs for wrongful termination based upon age, race and sex.

Case Name: In the Matter of Nancy Cleveland and Human Development Center

Charge No.: 06 CA 0061; EEOC No.: 21BA52584; ALS No.: 07-483

Nancy Cleveland filed a complaint against her former employer, Human Development Center, for wrongful termination, alleging that she was discharged due to her race, age and sex. A public hearing was held on July 21, 2015, and on March 23, 2016, the State of Illinois Human Rights Commission sustained the complaint and awarded the complainant $742,360.00 in back pay, prejudgment interest on her back pay, and reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs.

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