Landlord Tenant Disputes

When you are involved in a landlord-tenant dispute, it is vital to your well-being that you resolve the dispute in as timely a manner as possible. Your home should be a safe haven — not a place that causes you stress. An eviction notice or other landlord problem can be resolved with help from an experienced attorney.

If you have received notice of eviction or if your landlord has failed to provide you with a habitable home or has failed to return all or a portion of your security deposit, Attorney Matt Prengaman is here to help. Located in Chicago and serving Chicago and the surrounding areas, the Law Office of Matthew Prengaman offers free consultations regarding landlord-tenant disputes. Call 773-598-4696 to arrange your consultation.

Most rental units in Chicago are covered by the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance (RLTO). Attorney Matt Prengaman is here to help you address any and all violations of the RLTO along with any other landlord-tenant dispute, including but not limited to:

  • Rent disputes
  • Ordinance violations
  • Warranty of habitability
  • Warranty of quiet enjoyment
  • Eviction proceedings, including retaliatory evictions
  • Injuries or property damage suffered as a result of structural defects

A successful lawsuit can result in attorneys' fees being paid by the defendant, recovery of damages by you the plaintiff, and reimbursement of rent and security deposit payments.

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